Review of F45 Team Training

F45 Functional Fitness
F45 Functional Fitness

I wrote a little bit about F45 while I was doing Boise Fitness Week. I have been going to F45 for 8 months and am really glad that I was willing to try it out. F45 is functional fitness training. My best description is that it is a bit like crossfit or bootcamp classes. The exercises are meant to be functional or mimic real life movements. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are cardio workouts and Tuesday and Thursday are strength workouts.

The workouts change from day to day and have clever titles like Athletica and Renegade. The amount of stations and the time at each station also changes day to day so it is never the same workout.

The class starts off with a coach explaining the set up of the stations and time and then demoing every exercise. It isn’t necessary to remember everything because there are screens in the front of the room with a demo guy showing what needs to be done at each station. Usually we move through stations in groups of 2 or 3.

Here is an example of how a workout is structured:
Today there was 9 stations broken into groups of 3. We went through the first 3 stations two times. At each station we did four 20 second sets.
An example of exercises we did were: dead lifts, duck walks, mountain climbers, burpees, etc. We use weights, bikes, sand bags, kettlebells, rowing machines, balance trainers, bands, and many more than I can name. There is a huge variety of equipment and exercises from class to class.

F45 Functional Fitness
F45 Functional Fitness

I like the workouts that have lots of 20 or 30 second sets. However, there are times that sets are 60 seconds and then a rest. I find that to be the most challenging.

They do rotate from cardio and strength training workouts throughout the week and the coaches do let us know what we are focusing on for that particular day.

F45 Functional Fitness
F45 Functional Fitness

The classes are for all fitness levels. The coaches give modifications in the demo and will help with any additional modifications as we go through the workouts. There is a large variety of weight sizes and equipment that make the modifications possible for all levels. As I have written about and posted on social media, I have tennis elbow. That does restrict some of the exercises that I can do. The coaches always have a modification for me that helps me to still get a great workout.

There are challenges and nutrition support for those that are looking for that type of environment.

I would encourage you to try a class. The environment is highly encouraging and makes for a great place to get fit. You can find information on how to book a class here. F45 South Eagle is located on Eagle Road just north of Chinden in the same Business Complex as Intuit (formerly T-Sheets).

You can find out more about working out at F45 here.
Contact information:
2794 S Eagle Rd #130, Eagle, ID 83616
(208) 547-5367

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