About the Author

About the author
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I am Julie Franke, a mom to 4 boys, a businesswoman, and the pursuer of fitness. I am about to hit my exact mid forties (Yikes!!). My husband, Sean, and I have been married for almost 23 years. I have lived in the Treasure Valley in Idaho since September of 2018. My family and I moved here from Southern California and immediately fell in love with all the outdoor activities. 

I was a classroom teacher for 8 years in Covina and Los Angeles. When I left the classroom to become a stay at home mom, I had no ideas all of the changes my life had in store. I homeschooled my two oldest children for 7 years. When I returned to the workforce, it was not in education, but in business. I was a bookkeeper for 3 years and am currently the CEO & Office and Sales manager for a business I own. 

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I am not a perfect mom or wife but have managed to figure a few things out. I dread putting on a swim suit and have my own body image issues but I feel comfortable telling my doctor I have a very healthy lifestyle. Too often we learn about fitness and eating programs from the super achievers who have had abnormal results or have that naturally perfect physique. I am pretty relatable because I struggle as much or more than all of my friends. I will continue my journey of health and fitness. I believe that to be healthy and fit means to have no end goal but a well followed process.

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