Time to Buckle Down

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

Lotus Flower - Meditation
Lotus Flower – Meditation

I have been very sparse in my writing this summer. I was able to post a lot about Boise Fitness Week, but have been slow on all of my other posts. There is a reason. In my post One Year of Moving, I talked about the feeling of transition I have had for the last 12 months. I am also working in a new area. My job is dependent on new leads and referrals. That takes a lot of work when new to an area.

But here I am, I am ready to go all in on it all!

My life has seemed a bit chaotic the last 12 months and I am looking for ways to manage that chaos. As I have mentioned before, I love to read and have really been intentional in my reading. I am reading for professional growth as well as enjoyment but all of it is relaxing.

Something else I would like to add is meditation. It is something I do sporadically but I would like to make it a daily habit. I am setting myself up for a challenge. It’s how I thrive challenging myself and then setting and accountability system. You guys are my accountability. For the month of October I am challenging all of us to 31 Days of Mediation. I am going to use a good old fashioned calendar to cross of the days. You can download my calendar here.


If you are hesitant to join me, let me try to convince you. First of all, read this article 12 Science-Based Benefits of Meditation. Second, let me assure you that meditation does not need to be difficult. I like to use guided meditation apps. You just listen to them and they tell you what to do. There are plenty of free apps. I like to use Calm and Insight Timer. But there are tons more. Lastly, mediation can be 1 minute to as long as you would like. Start with one minute. We all have 1 minute that we can get 12 science-based benefits from.

Over the next couple of months for my mental fitness, I am going to try to add a few practices that will be a benefit for my overall health. I am thinking of daily yoga in November. Do you have any good ideas? I would love to hear them.

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