My Month of Meditation

How many of you have been following me on my meditation journey this month? Who has been traveling with me?

Taking time out for specific rest and mind clearing has been wonderful and life changing. The more I meditate the more I want to. My overall sense of calm and relaxation has increased dramatically. I am not waking up in the night in panic. I feel like this is really promoting overall good rest.

I have not been consistent with a time that I have been meditating. I mentioned in one of my social media posts that I would like to start doing it consistently in the morning. I am not going to pressure myself on that now. My focus is really on building the habit.

I am no scientist or doctor. I have no way to verify my results. However, as I pointed out in my article, Time to Buckle Down, there has been scientific reports in the past to support my claims. It could be a placebo effect. However, the effect is the same whether it is the meditation or just a placebo and I will take it.

If you have been meditating this month with me, I would love to hear your results. Go to my Facebook page and share your journey.

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