Review of C2R Fitness

C2R Fitness is a new gym located on Chinden and Cloverdale in Boise. As soon as I walked in the door I noticed how inviting the environment was. I was introduced to Danny, who walked me through what a first visit would be like for any new client.

Before ever working out, new members meet with Danny or another trainer to discuss overall health and goals. From there, they are able to design a program that is individualized to each member. On the first visit, it is a one to one session, going over the entire workout with instructions on how to use the machines and developing proper form for each of the exercises.

C2R Fitness has cardio and circuit machines which focus both on getting your heart rate up as well as strength training. The machines use air compression to provide resistance and are very smooth when going through the exercises. The also work each limb individually so you can be sure that your training is symmetrical. This is a unique feature. As I have mentioned before, I have tendinitis in my elbow and do have some issues with some strength training exercises. I did not even have a twinge of pain while working out at C2R Fitness.

Danny was very thorough in making sure that I was performing everything correctly and corrected form when he needed to. I appreciated the way he described how exercises should feel. Not only did it help me to check my form but it gives a great reference point to know I have proper form in the future when working out there.

Working out at C2R Fitness

I was on the cardio machine for about 10 minutes. The whole workout was 40 minutes. But that would vary on length of time for warm up and cool down.

One of the features this gym has, that I thought was really great, was how the workout is designed. Each member has a key card that can be entered into each machine. The key card is programmed with seat/height settings and weight amount for each individual. The information would then pop up on the display when the key card is entered into the machine. It then counts the reps as you’re going along. This is perfect when you are chatty like me and forget to pay attention. There is no trying to remember what was done last time. This is a foolproof way to track progress. I love the tangible aspect of that and the built in accountability.

The workout was definitely challenging. Danny was amazing at being able to determine a great starting weight for me. He was spot on for almost every single machine. It really spoke to how familiar he was with the equipment in the gym. Because of the ability to set a workout that is different for each person, this would be a great workout for all experience levels. Whether you are new to working out or have been doing it for 30+ years like me, this would be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Like many small gyms, this is marketed to the individuals that may be intimidated by or just don’t like going to Big Box Gyms. This is a fantastic alternative. The environment is inviting and all the members and staff are friendly and encouraging. There are TVs to watch when on the Cardio Machines. The music is pleasant and not too loud. Even though I felt as if I had a difficult workout, the overall environment is so relaxing. I don’t see how you could have any anxiety working out there. The owners have designed this gym to be more than a workout, but to be a health and wellness community. From my visit, it appears as if they are well on their way to accomplishing that goal.

Because the machines are controlled with air pressure they are great for continuing exercises given by physical therapists. This gym really is for all fitness levels, even those with a disability or recovering from a sports injury. They also offer Chair Yoga on Saturdays.

For more information about C2R Fitness and the programs offered, visit their website at

They are located at 12505 W Chinden Blvd, Boise.

I was compensated in exchange for my honest review. All photos and opinions are my own.

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