Barre3 – A Review

Walking into Barre3 I was a bit intimidated. I had done a class during Boise Fitness Week but I was not sure if it would be the same. I don’t like to do new things alone. But that’s why I am visiting new gyms and why I am writing about it. Intimidation is a huge factor for people to not try a class that they think may be fun or a great workout.

Barre3, Eagle, Idaho
Barre 3, Eagle, Idaho

My fears were soon put to ease. When I walked in, the instructor recognized right away that I wasn’t sure what I should do. She introduced herself, showed me what equipment to get, and where I should find a spot. For my first workout we used weights, sliders, the barre, and the barre ball.

The class started with a warm up that was like a traditional group class. There were lots of squats. In fact, I should have counted how many squats we did because it was way above what I am used to.

Next we moved to the barre. At a glance it would seem that the exercises might not be that difficult. But that is completely wrong. One of the movements we did was a small squat with the ball squeezed between our thighs. Holding the ball we pulsed squats, squats for a 2 count, and squatted and squeezed the ball. It was really hard to hold the position. What made it more difficult was staying elevated on my toes the entire time.

Now I’ve described how difficult it was, but don’t let that deter you from trying. We were encouraged to work at a level we could handle. Modification suggestions were given to make it more doable or more challenging. We were encouraged to push ourselves but also listen to our bodies.

The class was 60 minutes long and included a period of exercises with weights and a short burst of cardio. I should mention that both of those sections involved lots of squats. The end of the class was for core work. We did stretch at the end of class which is great for me. I tend not to stretch on my own when its not part of a class. The last part of class was a short meditation. I loved ending the class that way.

I will be sharing a bit more about my experiences and introducing you to the owner Jen in an upcoming post.

You can find out more about Barre3 at

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