Self Care with Goats & Fish

Finding unique ways to care for my body and soul

This past week I did two really unique and cool things. First, I did goat yoga with Emily at Lively Balance in Boise. On a trip to Provo, Utah, over the weekend, I was able to get a foot spa at FishKiss Fish Spa. Both are difficult to describe in words so I have some pictures to help out.

Boise Goat Yoga

Check out the sweatshirt I was wearing. It said “Be Courageous.” Neither of these things struck fear in me, but sometimes doing new things does. I am not one to wear clothes with logos or advertise funny things, but I have been about wearing clothes that have my life mottos on them. This is one of them. Not because I am super courageous, but because I want to remind myself that I can be.

FishKiss Spa

Both of these were good for me physically and both were good for my soul. What have you done lately to care for yourself? Do you schedule regular self care? Next month, I am focusing on meditation for self care. Read my article, Time to Buckle Down, about what I plan to do next month.

I’d love for you to follow my journey of healthy living and visiting as many gyms as I can squeeze in. You can follow or subscribe to this blog so you never have to miss a post.


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