Introducing Dr. Jessica Payne

🍎 Are you struggling to feed your family well?

I am always hesitant to discuss food or make recommendations for nutrition because I am not an expert. I have had the pleasure of meeting someone who is, Dr. Jessica Payne. She is passionate about helping families find affordable and easy ways eat a nutritious diet. Often our intentions are overruled by time demands and just not being prepared. Dr. Jessica is here to guide us through changing those bad habits.

This blog post is sponsored by Dr. Jessica Payne, a self-proclaimed “Holistic Doctor Mama on a Mission.”

Want to learn how to finally make your family’s eating a priority without spending any more time or money wringing your hands?

As a mama of two beautiful girls who faced similar struggles, Dr. Jessica knows firsthand how hard this can be. But she’s broken the cycle of parental overwhelm to bring nutritional balance to her family, and you can too.

Through Perpetually Almost Fit, she is offering an exclusive webinar to help you:

  • Break through the overwhelming amount of nutrition information,
  • Overcome fast food guilt to reclaim your confidence as a parent, and
  • Banish mealtime power struggles for a family that is happy to eat healthier.

Information about the upcoming Webinar:

How to Confidently Make Your Family’s Eating a Priority ….Without Stealing More of Your Time and Money

How to Confidently Make Your Family’s Eating a Priority ….Without Stealing More of Your Time and Money
Wednesday, February 5 at 11 AM MST
Join Webinar Here

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