Sleep for Health

I am one of those people who wishes I could survive on as little sleep as possible. I am like a little kid, I don’t want to waste my time sleeping. I know that sleep is important for good health so I do try to get a suitable amount. I have been know too stay up a bit too late though just to get that one more thing done or watch one more show. I mostly do sleep well. I have some incidences of insomnia but it is not a regular pattern. But I am a mom and a business owner, there are never enough hours in the day. If something gets compromised it is usually sleep.

I have found a few things that help me get to sleep quickly every night.

I listen to podcasts and I love my airpods! I set my sleep timer for 30 minutes and usually listen to a Ted Talk. I kind of hope that I am absorbing some of the information I am hearing, but I don’t think I am. So far I have not spouted out any answers to crazy questions that I can’t ever remember learning. I usually fall asleep almost immediately.

DoTerra Lavender and Airpods

The other thing I do is roll on Lavender. I use a Do Terra roller. Lavender helps promote relaxation and it works! I have found it to be very relaxing to me.

What are your sleep patterns? What do you do to promote good sleep habits?

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