Review – Sound Bath

I was invited this past week to a Sound Bath. I really had no idea what to expect except that I knew it was for relaxation. In my quest for mental fitness as well as physical health, I was willing to give it a try. It was a one time event as far as I am aware. We each paid $20 for the session.

It was interesting and enjoyable. I assumed it was going to be similar to meditation and it was. My friend, Jenny, and I arrived just before the bath was about to begin. Just to be clear there was no water involved. We were about to be bathed in sound. We brought towels to lay on and there were blankets and pillows provided for us.

Jenny and I chose our spots and the bath began. We were told that we could move about or lie still. We just needed to do whatever was comfortable individually to allow the sound to soothe us. The bath was 60 minutes. I chose to lie there and listen. Like with all types of meditation for me, I had to constantly remind myself to not let my mind wander.

The sounds were provided by Barbara Zago and she used Tibetan and Crystal bowls, the monochord, a crystal harp, drums, gongs, as well as others I was unfamiliar with. I preferred when the sounds were louder because I was able to keep my mind clear and just listen. The 60 minutes went by really quickly and I did feel much more relaxed after participating.

These are the stated benefits from the flyer I received:
Alleviate stress
Boosts immune system
Enhances sleep
Balances nervous system
Reduces pain
Improves overall heath and well-being
Heightens consciousness
Creates calmness and relaxation
Balances brain hemispheres

Here is more information about the Sound Bath I attended:
Sound Practitioner: Barbara Zago, Teacher for the Sound Healing Academy
Facebook: Magic Valley Sound Sanctuary

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2 thoughts

  1. I want to try this! I had a hot stone massage once and I think this would be a great part of that instead of the therapist talking and asking questions the entire hour. Totally messed with my zen😘

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