What Is Fit?

Last week I wrote about all of the different exercise programs that I have tried over the years. Do you know though, I still have the question, what does it take to be fit? Personally, I have based my fitness level on how far or fast I can run or how many times I workout per week or, dare I say, the number on the scale. That needs to change. How I feel (I don’t mean an abstract feeling) should be my fitness indicator. I need measure my energy and endurance level (Am I seeing and increase or decrease over time?). I currently do not have a goal. I do not have a level I want to get to. I want to be in that maintenance phase that everyone talks about but no one seems to ever be in.

So I am revising my sentence above. I now have a goal. My goal is to maintain; to find what works for me to feel good and be a lifestyle and not be something I will ever finish. I want to get fit by exploring fitness and trying new things. I want fitness to be a routine but not a single thing. Who is with me?

I am going to be trying various workouts and gyms and letting you know what is great abut them. Not so that I can find the perfect thing but because I like variety. I’d also like to show that they all have value. I do know if you are looking to do a weight lifting competition or a bikini competition there are proven programs that work. This is not what I am writing about. For those of us looking for a healthy lifestyle, so many things are great and work. I’d love for you to follow my journey of healthy living. You can follow or subscribe to this blog so you never have to miss a post.

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  1. I started a similar journey 7 weeks ago. I had an aha moment when I read an article about building muscle after 40. It focuses on rest, eating for muscle and of course working out… what really stood out was that it made mention that 40 something year olds who are training like 20 something year old are getting injured and reinjured getting nowhere fast. Which had been happening to me these last few years. It was hard to change my mindset that I had to go All-out all the time 6 days a week to see results, not the case as I’m seeing results and feeling great. I have 8 weeks to go, to complete the scheduled workouts in the workbook….

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