This week: Fit Over 50

Tai Chi
Tai Chi

This week I visited Fit Over 50 in Eagle, Idaho, a gym owned by Geoff Edwards that focuses on Functional Fitness. Contrary to the name of the gym, members do not have to be over 50. Geoff trains clients as young as 20. I tried 2 classes that he offers, Tai Chi and a Fit class. Before describing the classes, I’d like to say the thing I liked the most about this gym was Geoff. He is the class instructor and is very patient and thorough in his teaching. He immediately made me feel comfortable and made trying something new very easy.

The first thing I tried was Tai Chi. He keeps the class sizes small and (obviously) I started in the beginner class. I have seen Tai Chi in the parks multiple times and it looked pretty easy. It isn’t. It took a lot of coordination and concentration on my part. It is a martial art and the moves are very specific. Geoff did a great job breaking down the 3 moves that I learned and explaining the purpose of the moves. When I posted my pictures and videos on social media, one of the comments about Tai Chi is that it is meditation in motion. I completely agree with that. Because of how much I was concentrating on all parts of the movement, my mind was clear. I was not thinking about my day, worrying about my kids, or wondering when I was going to be done. I really would like to continue the practice of Tai Chi for that benefit.

I also did one of his Fit classes. There were 10 stations (maybe 11 or 12). Before class started, Geoff Each station was 30 seconds of work and we completed the circuit 3 times. I appreciated that at each station Geoff made sure to check form and help explain if we did not know exactly what to do. He had suggestion for making stations more difficult for a challenge and modifications for those who needed it. One of the things I liked best was the fans that were placed at each station. The workout was challenging and would be a great class to add to a fitness routine.

Next, I will be posting an interview with Geoff where I got the real answers to how his fitness programs work (not just my ideas and impressions). I will also let you know what I will be trying next.

Information about Fit Over 50:
395 W State Street, suite B, Eagle, ID 83616
(208) 830-8170

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