Meet the Owners of C2R Fitness

C2R Fitness is owned by two women, Robin Wagner and Cyn Newsom, who have been in the health industry for over 2 decades. They have worked in an area with folks as they age and realized that a healthier lifestyle could drastically reduce health issues they were having and improve the current quality of life. They have owned the gym since June 1, 2019.

Robin has been in the senior industry for years and is a Certified Senior Advisor. She is planning on furthering her expertise by getting her certification in Senior Fitness. Cyn is an RN and a former bodybuilder. She has been in the health and fitness industry for many years.

C2R Fitness

In wanting to help their clients live a better lives, the gym is specifically designed to be a great way to workout for all fitness levels. One of the specific areas they are proud to be able to coordinate is with the recovery process for patients. They can work with physical therapists to continue fitness regimens designed by therapists or doctors after an injury or surgery.

The gym is designed to be a good fit for people over 40 or continuing physical therapy. Their mission statement embodies this well. “Our Mission is to help our members live healthier, productive lives, well into their twilight years.”

The workout is a cardio workout with circuit training for strength. There are additional classes such as Chair Yoga and Gold Zumba. They want their members to have a place for a healthy lifestyle. C2R Fitness is more than a workout, it is a community to work together for a more healthy life. There are social functions available for members to attend. This adds to the environment they are providing for their clients.

Find out more about the gym by visiting their website:
They are located at 12505 W Chinden Blvd, Boise 83713
Contact Information
phone: 208-409-7626

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