Profile of Kaia Fit

Kaia Fit is a Women’s Gym whose mission is to “Build Strong Bodies and Powerful Minds.” It is a franchise that has close to 40 locations, mostly found in the Western United States. The focus is on culture and comradery is evident as soon as you walk through the doors. Everyone was friendly and helpful.

Meet Cari

The Boise location is owned by Cari Powers who took over from a previous owner in 2018. It has been here locally since 2013. Cari has had a passion for fitness for may years that she has turned into a career that she loves.

At 24 she started doing step aerobics and was 100 pounds overweight. It was the first exercise program she had ever done. She also joined Weight Watchers. In order to help pay for her gym membership while going to University she got a job working at a women’s gym and eventually got her certification to teach step aerobics in 2008.

After some time in the corporate world, Cari knew that she needed to make a career move and made a commitment to work in fitness. She got re-certified and was a personal trainer at the Grove Hotel gym.

She struck out on her own as mobile personal trainer. She loved that because she was able to make a real impact on women who couldn’t or wouldn’t go to a regular gym. When the opportunity to buy Kaia Fit was presented Cari saw how she could continue to reach these women in a setting that is very inviting and meaningful.

Overview of Kaia Fit

Kaia Fit is a gym that offers a few different types of classes. With the exception of personal training, they are all group classes. The classes are offered throughout the day to meet the needs of many of the women in the community.

The classes offered are Barre, Cross Training, TRX, Yoga, and Race Training. I did a sample class of the first 3. The review I wrote can be found here: This Week at Kaia Fit. One thing that struck me as unique is that the classes rotate by day not time. For example, if you go everyday at 5AM by the end of the week you will have done Barre, Cross Training, and TRX. It’s a great way to feel as if you have a membership to multiple gyms.

Cari seems to find that most members fit into 2 different categories. The first is women who are already active but looking for something new and interesting and fun outside of other activities that they do i.e. skiing, running, horseback riding. The second group of women tend to be women who need a comfortable entry point to start their fitness journey. One thing that can be said about both groups is the wide range of fitness levels all the women have. Kaia is designed to be personal training in a group setting and can meet a vast range of fitness level needs.

If you are thinking about joining Kaia Fit, Cari offers a free trial week. She also offers personal training. In September, she will be running a 6 Week Boot Camp session. Kaia Fit is more than just fitness. They offer guidance and education for nutrition. They can help with a cookbook, meal plans, and a shopping list. The focus is increasing the amount of fiber eaten.

My 2 Cents

I really enjoyed visiting Kaia Fit and was most impressed by the culture that Cari has created in her gym. I also really liked the variety of classes that are offered. I was able to have 3 separate instructors who took the time to correct form and really individualize each person’s work out.

You Can Fin Kaia Fit at 3415 N. Cole Rd, Suite 104, Boise, ID 83704

Contact information for Kaia Fit:
P: 208-908-2283

Up Next

From July 26 – August 4, 2019, I will participating in Boise Fitness Week. Instead of one week at one gym, I will be visiting multiple participating gyms and health partners.

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