One Year of Moving

Yet I am Thankful!

One of my favorite apps on my phone is the Timehop app. If you don’t have it, it shows photos from your phone or linked accounts for today’s date over the course of the years that I have had those accounts. I love photos but who has time to review all the old photos in my albums, on my computer, or the thousands in my phone. I love that the pictures are set for me. It is a trip down memory lane everyday.

Well, one year ago I was preparing for the my biggest move ever. My family and I were packing, garage-saling, and saying goodbye to our friends. We were about to embark on a move from Southern California to Boise, Idaho. While my husband and I are from Michigan originally, my kids are native Californians and definitely reluctant to leave all they knew.

For the last few weeks my Timehop app has been showcasing the different things we went through to get prepared to move. I took pictures of so many things leading up to our move. I will admit a lot of the photos were so I could list stuff on Offer Up or the Facebook Marketplace. But, what it is now is a photo memory of what we left behind and I am so grateful I have those photos (and grateful to have been able to purge so much stuff).

I have read that moving can be one of the most stressful period in people’s lives. Whether it is statistically true or not, my experience tells me to believe it. This wasn’t our first move but definitely the most stressful. My husband and I moved at different times. I moved in September and he stayed behind with one of our sons to get his business ready to move and to sell our house. I would say that it is less than 30 days since I have finally had that feeling of being in a transitional state finally leave my system. Folks, that means I have felt like we were in transition for a full year.

So now that it is over, I want to focus on what I have to be grateful for from having gone through this very stressful period.

  1. I am so thankful for the friends that I left behind in California. They were so helpful during the preparation and the move. They have been so supportive since our move. I don’t know what I would have done without them.
  2. My new friends in Idaho have been amazing. I am not sure what I would have done without finding a great support network here.
  3. My kids’ willingness to be enthusiastic about change. My kids have been the biggest concern about my move. Was it the right thing to do? They have embraced the change and they are thriving.
  4. I was able to keep up some routine, the big one being fitness. I was able to move my Orange Theory Fitness membership to the local studio. It is so hard to start everything new and so easy to leave fitness off of the priority list.
  5. Lastly, I am thankful for hard work my husband has done over the years that allowed us to make the choice to move. We had the option to do what we wanted and I am grateful for his foresight with our business and finances.

So now that I can say I am finally done moving. I love it. I loved California but was definitely ready for a change and Idaho was just what my family needed. I love the four seasons most. It has been a long time since I have gotten to experience that. The pace is a bit slower and the people are overly friendly. I could not have asked for a better change in my life.

Welcome to Idaho

School has started. Our routines are finally getting solidified (as much as they ever do with kids). You can expect to be seeing much more from me on this blog! I cannot wait for what my journey brings.

I’d love for you to follow my journey of healthy living and visiting as many gyms as I can squeeze in. You can follow or subscribe to this blog so you never have to miss a post.


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