Boise Fitness Week – Day 3 & 4 – Yoga Six & Orange Theory Fitness

I skipped Day 2 of Boise Fitness week to workout at a non-participating gym.

On Sunday, I went to Yoga Six for Hot Vinyasa. That was my first time doing hot yoga and I loved it. I will be going again. I have done yoga a few times (I do mean only a few) so I was o.k. following along but I did struggle with some of the more advanced poses. I was really embarrassed at the amount of sweat I had dripping but quickly realized I was not alone. I felt great afterwards and, like every time I have done yoga, see value in doing yoga much ore frequently.

For Day 4, Monday, I headed back to my old stomping grounds of Orange Theory Fitness in Meridian. I was a member there for 3 years and just gave up my membership in February to try some new things. I had forgotten how intense of a workout it is. I burned 548 calories. In all my years of exercising and doing a large variety of exercise programs, I have had the best results from Orange Theory. Monday was an endurance day which meant longer runs and rows.

Orange Theory works on a 2 or 3 Station workout. There is the treadmills, rowers, and weight room. It is a group class which all the participants are divided into 2 or 3 groups and rotate as a group through the 3 stations. Each day is labeled endurance, strength, or power. Power days are my favorite. I guess I will have to visit occasionally so I can be sure to be there on a Power Day. Most members wear a heart rate monitor and the goal is to work at 80% of your max heart rate for at least 12 minutes of the workout. I managed it be above that for 28 minutes of class. I could tell that my endurance had waned a bit since giving up my membership.

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