Boise Fitness Week – Day 7 – Pure Barre

Barre uses a ballet barre for many of the exercises and is a full body workout. Like all the other fitness places I have visited for Boise Fitness Week, it was a group class. The class I took at Pure Barre was not a cardio workout. It was a very intense isometric workout. They have 2 classes for me to have chosen from, Classic Barre and Pure Empower. Empower is described as a cardio workout. I chose to do the Classic class.

This class challenged me more than any other I did throughout the week. I was incredibly sore for a few days after taking this class. The moves were very precise and numerous in their repetition. Lindsay was the instructor and she took very seriously correcting form and gave a ton of individual instruction. It was the true personal training in a group setting that is often quoted as the benefit of boutique fitness. When we were told we were going to burn out the left side, there was no ‘maybe’ in that statement.

One of the things unique to barre (as far as I know) is that so many of the moves are done elevated on your toes or with toes pointed. This activates different muscles and parts of muscles that I use less frequently. As with other barre classes I have done, we used light hand weights and a small ball. I do feel as if it was a whole body workout with a focus on the bottom half.

It is difficult to tell but I am on my toes in the last picture. In my mind and the way I felt, it seemed like I was much higher. So even elevating on my toes can be improved.

I liked the atmosphere of the class. I especially liked the encouragement I received from other class members. I never felt uncomfortable because my beginner skill level. I also noticed, that it was a difficult workout even for those who said they have been coming for a long time. Even though it was difficult, I do think it would be a great class even for beginners to fitness. The class was not fast paced so even a beginner (like me) could keep up. I would love to visit again and can see adding this to my regular workout routine.

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