Boise Fitness Week – Day 6 – Barre 3

I visited the Barre 3 Location in Eagle. It is right next door to where I normally work out so I see it frequently but did not know exactly what went on in class.

The instructor was Bridgette and she was perfect for a beginner like me because of how engaged she was in the class. She walked around and checked form and took the time to explain things to the few newbies from Boise Fitness Week.

I had done barre before but this was a bit different. We used small free weights and a ball. The exercises were small movements and holds. The hardest for me were the holds up on my toes. You are able to work out with sock or barefoot. Not having shoes allowed for different form during my holds and my muscles definitely felt it.

One thing that I liked was the lighter weights for exercises. I have been struggling with tendinitis in my elbow for the last few months and this allowed me to get a good arm workout with out causing pain in my arm. The workout was challenging but I did not feel as if the exercises over taxed my joints. As an over 40 year old, that is a concern of mine.

The types of movements were a lot of squats and lifts but again very small and isolated movements. The workout ended on the mat as many do for abdominal work. Bridgette gave levels of challenge in each exercise and I have to say I was challenged on each one!

I loved the little shop in the front of the studio! There were the cutest workout clothes. I definitely need to check that out again. I will be visiting Barre 3 in Eagle again for a couple of weeks in September. I will do a much more in-depth review and of course post lots of videos so you can see what it is all about.

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