Boise Fitness Week – Day 9 – Up Cycle & Hollywood Market Yoga

On Day 9 I had to squeeze in 2 workouts. I was a little better at planning these. In the morning I headed to Downtown Boise for Upcycle and then in the afternoon I was back in Boise for Hollywood Market Yoga. I purposely left yoga for Day 9 and for Day 10 I only visited Stretch Lab. I thought those two were perfect to wind down the week.

Upcycle was only the second time I had done a cycle class (see my review of Cycle Bar for the first time). There were a lot of similarities to the other cycle class that I did which helped since it was so new to me. I found the cycle classes to be challenging. As much as I work out (which isn’t that much these last 2 weeks), I do not focus enough on building strength which was evident in my legs for cycling.

The staff was really helpful in showing me how to set up my bike and giving a good run down of what to expect. Up Cycle has the option of clipping in or straps if you don’t have the right shoes. Upcycle does offer a variety of classes including yoga and hybrid classes. I would love to try some of the other classes they offer in the future.

After being completely worn out from all the fitness during Boise Fitness Week, I ended the day with Hot Yoga at Hollywood Market Yoga. I loved the hot yoga I did earlier in the week and was not disappointed with this class. It was everything I was hoping for. The class was really full for a Saturday afternoon which really showed the value of the studio and the class. My skill level for yoga is definitely beginner. This class was appropriate for me. However, if you are a medium or advanced level, you would also fit right in. There were many levels and instruction was given for all. It may be difficult to jump in for a first time yoga class but it would not be impossible and would still have a lot of value.

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