Boise Fitness Week – Day 8 – F45 & iLoveKickboxing

This is a bit longer of the review because I did two workouts in one day.

Day 8 was Friday and I still had a few workouts to get in. I was still very sore from Pure Barre the day before, and just tired from working out everyday for 7 days in a row (not my norm). I powered through and went to F45 and iLoveKickboxing on the same day! I felt so great after but it was a killer workout day.

I currently have a membership to F45 in Eagle. I went to my normal 6:15 AM class. I plan on doing a full review and dive into F45 in the next few weeks so will keep this short. F45 is functional fitness training. My best description is that it is a bit like crossfit or bootcamp classes. The exercises are meant to be functional or mimic real life movements. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are cardio workouts and Tuesday and Thursday are strength workouts. (I never go on the weekend, so I am sure what the structure is). I went on Friday so it was cardio. It was one of the hardest workouts I had done there and I walked away that day thinking “so many pushups.”

I do love working out at F45 and would highly recommend. It can definitely be scaled to any workout level. The coach walks around to inspect form and also to offer modifications to those who need it. There are lots of opportunities to really challenge yourself with heavy weights or more intense work at each station.

At noon, I went to iLoveKickboxing in Boise with the owner of F45. I appreciated her being there because she was able to empathize with the difficult workout I already had that morning. I probably should have planned a bit better because this also was a pretty intense workout.

When I arrived, the staff was very welcoming and they showed me to the locker room to put my stuff away. They had a welcome message on a locker for me. I love that! It is hard to try new things and I think it’s twice as hard when it’s fitness related. This is really encouraging to new members and guests to feel wanted.

The warm-up was the most intense and I was warned of that before the workout started. It was 15 minutes of running, push-ups, squats, and lunges. The work out was also very challenging. We had gloves and a bag and did series of punches and kicks. We worked on our own and the instructor walked around to help with form and technique. In the end we partnered up for coordinated workout of punches. I was not very good at that but it was fun. The intensity was high for the entire workout. Overall, I really enjoyed the workout and would really like to go back for a longer period and give a more thorough review.

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