Boise Fitness Week – Day 10 – Stretch Lab, Feed My Fit, & Nutrishop

There were 3 business that were not workouts but do promote good health that participated in Boise Fitness Week.

The last business I visited during the week was Stretch Lab. I visited the location in Eagle but there is also a Boise location. It was the perfect place to culminate the week. It was a group stretching class. We used a strap and foam roller for various guided stretches. It was perfect for my sore muscles. I have had individual stretch sessions at Stretch Lab as well. I love a good stretch as much as I love a massage.

Feed My Fit is a meal prep service. They are located in Meridian and have prepared meals that meet dietary needs of those looking to keep a particular diet. You can walk in to pick up or order and have meals delivered. They change their menu each week and have multiple meals to choose from. For Boise Fitness Week participants we able to try one of the prepped meals. I tried the Thai Turkey Wrap. I thought it was very tasty and filling. I recommend visiting and trying a meal for yourself.

The last thing I have to review is Nutrishop. I really had no idea what to expect there. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of time that was spent with me to develop a meal plan and talk about different supplements available. I visited the meridian location. I ended making a purchase of a few of the recommended items and will definitely purchase again when I’m out.

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