Healthy Everyday

What You Do Every Day Matters More Than What You Do Once In a While. ~ Gretchen Rubin

If you ask, I will tell you that I am a healthy person. It is not because I run the fastest, lift the heaviest, or spend the most time in the gym. I don’t follow my eating plan at 100%. Sometimes I stay up way too late. But I do try to make healthy choices most of the time.

Have you seen the posts that say “A One Hour Workout Is Only 4% of Your Day – No Excuses?” Most of the the time I would agree. However, I am a business owner and mom to 4 kids. Sometimes there is not even one hour, but there is always something that I can do. I can make at least one choice a day that promotes a healthy lifestyle. That does not just mean getting to the gym. It can mean going to bed at a reasonable hour, not going back for a second serving, choosing fruit instead of fries, meditating, stretching, etc. Good health is more than just physical health. Mental health is just as important. I need to recognize all of those good choices.

A One Hour Workout Is Only 4% of Your Day – No Excuses

I am challenging myself to be purposeful and record at least one healthy thing a day. I will be posting on my instagram page with the hashtag #healthyeveryday for the next 30 days (June 6, 2019 – July 6, 2019). Will you join me? Tag me & use the hashtag. Obviously most of us do more than one thing a day but I am going to focus on choosing one and try to do a variety.

I’d love to hear your comments. What are some healthy habits you have? What ideas do you have for your #healthyeveryday posts? I’d also love for you to follow my journey of healthy living. You can follow or subscribe to this blog so you never have to miss a post.


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